world champion

an advertising .... where one of our world champions >
is making propaganda .... for a business ....

the not quality of this population ..... revealed>
it is a matter>

"To give his best every day"

now if we remember> what this world champion is giving>
to be a highly visible role model>
for planetary resources squandering>
and the gasification of our climate !

meanwhile ..... insanely racing around in circles >
always faster > giving your best .... means!

then we certainly know> that this population>
can only be completely insane !

since such a not quality > thrilling millions!

meanwhile.... any meaningful solution iqnored .....

the meaning of life

effort ….

traditional sailing regattas … do not work on fundamental performance >
with how much effort > do I sail the fastest any where ?

but they limite the length of the boat >
and there …. the trimaran > the selection !

and not the principle which is the most effective !
where the effort limited  …..

say only 1000f sail area at your disposal >
then the proa would win hands down ….

therefore it was also the choice of oceania !

a dugout …. to make … was a huge effort >
so it followed > that the principle > needing as little .. as possible … effort
and as quickly as possible running the 1,000 miles ….. was the selection !

thus …. only one long hull  !
contrary to the creation of  todays > nearly unlimited efforts

like …. the formula 1 racing …. should really give out only 1 gallon of gasoline to all !
then they should compete with > how far they are getting with this !

this competition is of course …. already …. happening !

and just imagine > the 250 gpm car > has been around for a long time!
not only this > but > the 2500 gpm car and more …..

but on these insane events …. they are 10 gpm and less !
and so of course …. you can … only one …. meaning > your world ….. laying to waste !

galactic design