jesus christ

a man was walking up the hill some day a while back with a cross to put him up on ....

and a woman came up to asking him what he was dieing for ? - well - he said - I find the way of life here impossible to believe -

the waste of resources - damaging the environment - sitting around with gold chains hanging around their necks -

telling one lie after the other - creating sickness and addiction - no way of even ever saying the truth .....

and that is the reason you are being put to dead ????? - - yes - this is the reason !!! - I am a human - and I can not live

among bandits - animals - bugs + germs anyway - so saying what is missing here I rather die for !

the woman looked at him first in disbelieve ----- then she went to talk to some other women ----------

and they talked to more and more -- and the men started to listen to them -- first in disbelieve -- then more and more realising

that this was realy the truth ---- and it came to them ---- that this had to stop !


and first there was dozens of them -- then hundreds - thousands - tens of thousands -

and they drew out the bureaucrats - whores - and all the bad - men and women - in their country -

and lived happily ever after .....

 the meaning of life