homo sapiens

conceit procurement criminals !
distraction procurement criminals !
senseless employment creation criminals !
legal drug procurement criminals !

entertainment procurement criminals !
animal guarding procurement criminals !
profit procurement criminals !

institutional criminals legalization >

those > their constitutional order permanently eliminating
since all .... only organized ....
global criminals !

necessarily... only complicity > victims > despots !
consequently > the whole time not even debatable!

of course none capable of a discussions >
therefore not capable of learning > only one endless disaster >

because through .... no possible future design
of course....  no decent presence ......

there while ..... everyone could be a part of the solution!
the rescue of humans and the environment ......

but .... as is .... only be a problem > faithful>
on the job of the individual in the mass of insanity !

since only then .... the final victory over all intelligent life>
will be possible .... when all united

because only this mass of irresponsibles
further savoring towards their rulers Eien

their destruction of the planetary resouces
their destruction of any potential homo sapiens!

their absolute .... certified idiot existence .....

So we homo sapiens must unite>

to guarantee the human rights>
that no one will ever again be blackmailed >

to throwing away ...his ideals > his future>

just to being accepted ..... today>
so he  can exist ....
today !

but resulting in the end of all intelligent life
be the great disaster!

to this end .... the end of all disasters >

we need the end> of all conceit procurement !
all these drug procurement crimes
now legalizied by this
wrong state  ......

the end of every entertainment> deflection procurement!
provided by this organizierten crime .....

galactic nation

the meaning of life